The Economy is Rebounding and Americans are Crediting President Biden

Jobless claims once again hit a new pandemic-era low last week as the United States’ economy became the first one among our peers to bounce back. Experts and the American people credit President Biden and Democrats’ delivering of federal funds for this strong recovery. With each month, it becomes more clear that President Biden’s economic plan is working.. 

Thanks to President Biden’s leadership, Americans are seeing their jobs come back and the economy is rebounding. 

  • AP News“US jobless claims drop to 340,000, a pandemic low, evidence of strength for a rebounding economy”
  • Bloomberg: “The U.S. is the first Group of Seven economy to return to a pre-pandemic level of output, leaving behind European peers that suffered sharper contractions when Covid-19 struck.”
  • Reuters: “U.S. construction spending picked up in July, lifted by gains in both private and public sector projects.”

The majority of Americans approve of President Biden’s handling of the economy and the economy is recovering faster than predicted thanks to Democrats’ actions. 

  • ABC/Ipsos Poll: “A majority (55%) of the American public also approves of his handling of the economic recovery”

  • New York Times: “The economy’s rebound this year has been stronger than almost anyone predicted last winter, a result of the initial wave of vaccinations and the boost from Mr. Biden’s stimulus bill.”