The Election Is Over Yet Trump Keeps Losing

How many times can Trump lose the election? Yesterday alone, Trump suffered a crushing loss at the United States Supreme Court after he’d long pressured them publicly to take up his case, and multiple defeats at Supreme Courts in key states where he contested the election results. The election has been over for awhile. Trump lost, and there is no evidence of fraud. It’s long past time for Trump and his allies to accept that reality.

Trump embarrassingly keeps losing the election yet refuses to accept defeat even though we’ve already moved past the point of no return.

Washington Post: “Trump keeps losing the 2020 election over and over and over”

Washington Post: “What’s particularly remarkable about Trump’s protestations at this point is that the ship has long since sailed. There is not only no evidence of the sort of fraud that might compel a court to overturn the election or that might prompt a good-faith legislature to review the results, but the process of formalizing President-elect Joe Biden’s win has already moved past the point of no return.”

Even the right-leaning United States Supreme Court delivered Trump a crushing loss yesterday with a unanimous rejection of one of his ally’s lawsuits repeatedly touted by his campaign as a key suit.

CNN: “The Supreme Court on Tuesday denied a request from Pennsylvania Republicans to block certification of the commonwealth’s election results, delivering a near fatal blow to the GOP’s long-shot bid to invalidate President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. The Supreme Court’s action is a crushing loss for Trump, who has frequently touted the high court’s potential to overturn his election loss…Tuesday’s one-line order was issued with no noted dissents or comment from any of the nine justices.”

Trump lost in Nevada after the state Supreme Court unanimously ruled to reject his allies’s appeal to overturn the state’s election results.

Washington Post: “The Nevada Supreme Court unanimously ruled on Tuesday night to reject an appeal from President Trump’s campaign to overturn the state’s election results, the latest loss in the president’s ongoing legal efforts to have states he did not win declare him victorious.”

Trump lost at the Pennsylvania Supreme Court after it refused to hear his campaign’s appeal over fewer than 2,000 ballots.

Associated Press: “President Donald Trump’s campaign has lost another round in a flurry of Republican lawsuits over Pennsylvania’s election, with the state Supreme Court refusing Tuesday to hear its appeal over fewer than 2,000 ballots in a suburban Philadelphia county.”

The Arizona Supreme Court unanimously rejected an attempt by Trump’s allies to overturn the election results, saying there was no evidence to establish any degree of fraud.

Arizona Mirror: “The Arizona Supreme Court affirmed President-elect Joe Biden’s win in Arizona, unanimously rejecting state GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward’s attempt to overturn the election results and decree President Donald Trump as the winner of the state’s 11 electoral votes.”

Arizona Mirror: “Brutinel said Ward failed to show evidence of misconduct, illegal votes or an erroneous count of votes, ‘let alone establish any degree of fraud or a sufficient error rate that would undermine the certainty of the election results’ and warrant overturning an election.”

Meanwhile, Republicans continue to stand by Trump in undermining our democracy and block progress for the incoming Biden administration.

Politico: “Senior Republicans on Tuesday refused to acknowledge the transition of power to Joe Biden, even as they met to plan his inauguration next month. The top GOP leaders in the Senate and House rejected a symbolic resolution during a meeting of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies that would have essentially affirmed Biden as president-elect.”