The GOP is Trump’s Party. Full Stop. 

No matter who wins today’s primaries, one thing is clear: Donald Trump fully owns today’s Republican Party. From Mike Pence refusing to criticize Trump, to Republican candidates across the country running on his ultra-MAGA agenda, the Republican Party is Trump’s party, and there’s no turning back now. 

Despite all the breathless speculation about Mike Pence’s so-called “break” with Trump, Pence refused to directly criticize Trump – or even say Trump’s name – at his last minute rally in Georgia. 

Reuters: “Ahead of Tuesday’s voting, Pence did not directly criticize former President Donald Trump in a speech on behalf of incumbent Brian Kemp nor name David Perdue, the former senator whom Trump has backed in the race.” 

Yahoo News: “Speaking before roughly 300 people in a hangar at the Cobb County International Airport, Pence avoided talk of Trump or 2024.”

CNN: “Pence did not make a direct mention of the former President nor respond to the relentless attacks Trump has leveled against Kemp.”

No matter who wins today’s primaries, it’s clear Donald Trump owns the Republican Party as candidates across the country, including Mike Pence, are running on his extreme, ultra-MAGA agenda. 

Washington Post: “Pence praised much of the Trump administration’s agenda, and even Kemp praised Trump. Neither man mentioned Perdue by name […] Pence did not answer shouted questions about Trump as he left the event.”

ABC News: “In primaries so far, Trump hasn’t always gotten his way. But there’s no discernible room in the GOP for never-Trump candidates — or even, to date, much room for candidates who will flatly state that the election of 2020 wasn’t stolen and that investigations looking back at it are irrelevant or dangerous. Trump isn’t winning everything this primary season. That’s not to say, though, that MAGA is losing.”

Roll Call’s Nathan Gonzales: “The success/failure of Trump’s endorsed candidates is a poor litmus test of Trump’s influence within the Republican Party because almost all the GOP candidates are running on a Trump message/platform. This is still Trump’s GOP whether his endorsed candidate win or not.”