The GOP Response to President Biden’s Campaign Launch: Scattered, Scared, and Slow

Republicans have had over two years to carefully prepare their 2024 message — 27 months to get their response ready to contrast themselves with President Biden’s successful record of delivering for the American people. But as HOURS went by yesterday after the president and vice president launched their 2024 campaign, the only responses the GOP could muster were scrambled, weak, and plain artificial.

Let’s walk through a timeline of events, shall we?

6:00 a.m.: President Biden and Vice President Harris launch their reelection campaign.

An hour later:

The RNC reveals a video that literally has to fake images about an imaginary future because they can’t stack up their own MAGA agenda against the Biden-Harris administration’s accomplishments for American families.

After two hours: 

Asa Hutchinson gets grilled for promising to sign a national abortion ban after already signing a ban with no exceptions for rape or incest as governor of Arkansas.

An hour after that: 

Mike Pence invites Americans to contrast his MAGA agenda of banning abortion nationwide and gutting Social Security and Medicare with the Biden-Harris administration’s record of helping create over 12 million jobs for the American economy.

Two hours later: 

Donald Trump posts a four minute long video reading off the same lies and election conspiracies he spouted the night before.

At the same time: 

Nikki Haley delivers a speech during which she calls for a federal abortion ban — but speaks not a word on President Biden’s reelection campaign.

Over SEVEN HOURS after the announcement: 

Ron DeSantis’ team puts a 40 second video up on Twitter. Still no response from DeSantis himself, though.

Two hours later: 

Tim Scott releases a selfie video that repeats the exact messaging from the Biden-Harris launch video.