THE LATEST: Families Suffer Continued Trauma From Trump’s ‘Unconscionable’ Family Separation

Hundreds of children remain separated from their families because of Trump’s cruel policy. Even after families are reunited, they continue to suffer from trauma. That is why the United Nations’ human rights chief recently denounced Trump’s family separation as a human rights violation and called it “unconscionable.” Here’s the latest:


The UN’s top human rights official denounced Trump’s family separation policy as a human rights violation and called it “unconscionable.”


The Hill: “The United Nations's new top human rights official is calling the Trump administration's family separation policy ‘unconscionable.’ Michelle Bachelet in her first speech on Monday denounced the practice as a human rights violation.”


The Trump administration warned immigration judges against showing too much sympathy for separated children.


BuzzFeed: “[Attorney General Sessions] also cautioned the judges against allowing sympathy for the people appearing before them, which might cause them to make decisions contrary to what the law requires.”


Families continue to struggle with the trauma of being separated at the border, even after they are reunited.


“I can't sleep away from my son, nor he from me.” – Mother recently reunited with her child


“I wonder if this is normal for a toddler, but he cries out like he's having nightmares, he yells loudly like he's traumatized.” – Mother recently reunited with her child


“I thought when I saw my son that he'd be happy, but he asked me why I left him. He said, 'You left me alone for 41 days. You don't know how much I suffered.’” – Father recently reunited with his child


“We had to suffer. I was inside a shelter for two months, and my mom was in prison for two months.” – 13-year-old separated from his parents


“She would wake up from nightmares, screaming … She would barely eat … Sometimes she sits in absolute silence, and only asks to sleep, with no interest in talking or playing.” – Aunt of a recently released child who was separated from her mother