THE LATEST: Trump Deports More Than 450 Immigrant Parents Without Their Children

Ahead of a court-ordered reunification deadline on Thursday, more than 1,500 children remain separated as a result of Trump’s family separation policies, and last night the Trump administration admitted in court that it has deported more than 450 immigrant parents without their children.


The Trump administration said in court that it has deported more than 450 immigrant parents without their children.


Reuters: “More than 450 immigrant parents who were separated from their children when they entered the United States illegally are no longer in the country though their children remain behind, according to a joint court filing on Monday by the federal government and the American Civil Liberties Union.”


Migrant women have been held in “legal limbo” for days before being allowed to leave and reunite with their children.


CNN: “Migrant women waiting to be reunited with their children have been held in legal limbo for days, technically ‘released’ from ICE custody but not allowed to leave, immigration attorneys and witnesses tell CNN.”


Many Trump supporters are feeling the impact of his hardline immigration policies that have torn families apart in their communities.


Associated Press: “She wonders why the government’s crackdown efforts seem to focus on her and other low-level criminals instead of the ‘bad hombres’ that Trump said he’d banish. Don’t her daughter and husband have a right to keep their family intact? Don’t her years of paying taxes, of learning English, of living an otherwise pristine life count for anything?”


Associated Press: “Many in the bar this night, including Steve’s parents, gave their vote to Trump. They liked his promise to bring jobs back to the U.S. and the vow to make trade with China fairer. And they supported him when he said criminal immigrants would be deported. They just didn’t consider Stegall one, even if she came to the country illegally.”