THE LATEST: Trump Gives No Timeline To Reunite 2,000 Separated Families

Trump’s policy has led to more than 2,500 children being separated from their families. Despite his executive order, about 2,000 families remain separated, with no timeline for when the children will see their parents again. Here’s the latest:


The Trump administration still has no timeline for reuniting the more than 2,000 children forcibly separated from their parents.


ABC News: “There were 2,053 separated minors in the government's care as of June 20, according to the statement, which made no mention of a possible timeline for putting the families back together.


Separated children are now spread out across the country, far from their parents who have no idea where they have been taken.


Washington Post: “Still, more than 2,000 children remain spread around the United States, far from their parents — many of whom have no idea where their sons and daughters have been taken.”


Trump continues to call for depriving immigrants of their legal right to due process.


New York Times: “President Trump unleashed an aggressive attack Sunday on unauthorized immigrants and the judicial system that handles them, saying that those who cross into the United States illegally should be sent back immediately without due process or an appearance before a judge.”


Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy has diverted resources from drug-smuggling cases.


USA Today: “Federal prosecutors warned they were diverting resources from drug-smuggling cases in southern California to handle the flood of immigration charges brought on by the Trump administration’s border crackdown, records obtained by USA TODAY show.”


Parents are being forced to agree to voluntary deportation in order to reunite with their children.


Texas Tribune: “Central American men separated from their children and held in a detention facility outside Houston are being told they can reunite with their kids at the airport if they agree to sign a voluntary deportation order now, according to one migrant at the facility and two immigration attorneys who have spoken to detainees there.”


Trump and Republicans are pushing legislation to allow children to be detained indefinitely.


ABC News: “Republican lawmakers are preparing to vote on a more narrow immigration bill that would allow immigrant children to stay in detention facilities with their parents for more than 20 days, senior White House and Hill officials tell ABC News. The bill would eliminate the so-called Flores settlement that requires that children be released from detention after 20 days, fixing a flaw in President Trump's executive order that mandates that children and parents not be separated during detention.”