THE LATEST: Trump’s Immigration Raids Leaves Children ‘Scared’ And ‘Crying’

The Trump administration conducted one of the largest workplace immigration raids in U.S. history against more than 600 suspected undocumented immigrants. Trump’s raid — which took place on the first day of school —  left many children alone with nowhere to go.

More than 600 immigrants were detained as part of one of Trump’s raids — one of the largest ever — tearing families apart and leaving children alone in the streets.

BuzzFeed: “Families ‘Are Scared To Death’ After A Massive ICE Operation Swept Up Hundreds Of People”

BuzzFeed: “They were crying. They were shocked. They’re just worried,’ Dianne said of her fiancé’s children. ‘I’m just trying to stay strong for them. I’m trying to remain as calm as possible. It’s one thing to know this could happen but it is another to see it happening. This is heart-wrenching. They are scared.’”

MSNBC: “ICE raid leaves kids pleading for their parents’ freedom”