The Question that 2024 Republicans Can’t Answer

The 2024 GOP primary field is refusing to break Donald Trump’s hold on the party as they battle each other to gain favor with the MAGA base. Even as they compete against Trump for the Republican nomination, GOP hopefuls like Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, and Tim Scott are embracing his MAGA agenda and can’t name a single policy difference with Trump.

Last night, Tim Scott refused to name a single policy difference he holds between himself and the MAGA agenda Trump put in place.

Sean Hannity: “What are differences in terms of policy positions that, for example, you may have with President Trump?”

Tim Scott: “Probably not very many at all. I am so thankful that we had President Trump in office.”

Mike Pence also demurred from answering when asked where he would depart from Trump’s agenda this week.

Hannity: “Where would you be different on issues than President Trump?”

Pence: “Well, I said early on that the only thing I had decided was that I wasn’t gonna let anybody else make the decision for me. So whether it’s the former president or any other candidate, we’ll make a decision based on what I and my family feel called to do in this moment in the life of the nation.”

Nikki Haley has repeatedly avoided naming a single policy difference between herself and Trump.

Newsweek: “Presidential hopeful Nikki Haley failed to give a clear answer on how her policies differ from former President Donald Trump’s while being quizzed by Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Wednesday.”

Mediaite: “‘Right now, President Trump is the only announced Republican candidate,’ Hannity said. ‘What policy differences do you have with Trump?’ Haley said she had ‘a great working relationship with him’ and dodged the question.”