The Republican Circus

Say it with us folks, if it’s a day that ends in -y, Republicans are in disarray. And in this week’s episode of the Real Extremists of the House Republican Caucus, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Nancy Mace are at war with each other while Kevin McCarthy gets called out by one of his own members before anyone’s had their second coffee.

Time after time, Republicans have demonstrated they have no appetite to address the real issues American families are facing. With Kevin McCarthy refusing to do anything to quell the chaos and extremism in his own caucus, House Republicans are yet again refusing to do anything except create chaos and fight amongst themselves. 

House Republicans are, once again, at each other’s throats, as Marjorie Taylor Greene is now attacking Nancy Mace for simply denouncing Lauren Boebert’s Islamophobic remarks. 

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene: “.@NancyMace is the trash in the GOP Conference. Never attacked by Democrats or RINO’s (same thing) because she is not conservative, she’s pro-abort. Mace you can back up off of @laurenboebert or just go hang with your real gal pals, the Jihad Squad. Your out of your league.”

Rep. Nancy Mace: “*you’re And, while I’m correcting you, I’m a pro-life fiscal conservative who was attacked by the Left all weekend (as I often am) as I defied China while in Taiwan. What I’m not is a religious bigot (or racist). You might want to try that over there in your little ‘league.’”

What’s Kevin McCarthy doing to address the chaos and extremism in his caucus? Nothing. And to add to the disarray, Republicans, including members of his own caucus, are calling him out for it.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger: “I love this, but worth noting that while this battle between Nancy Mace and the unserious circus barker McSpacelaser, @GOPLeader continues his silent streak that would make a monk blush.”

CNN: “House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy should publicly condemn Republican lawmakers whose behavior is violent or increases division, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson said Sunday.”

Instead, Kevin McCarthy continues to cozy up to his most extreme Republican colleagues and refuses to publicly condemn racist and hateful remarks from his members. 

Newsweek: “Kevin McCarthy’s Statement on Lauren Boebert Doesn’t Condemn Her Remarks”

Politico Playbook: “Just a few days after Rep. MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE called KEVIN MCCARTHY ‘weak’ and said he needed to earn her vote to become speaker, the Republican lawmaker from Georgia took a different tone toward the GOP leader Friday night. ‘I just got off a good call with @GOPLeader,’ she tweeted. ‘We spent time talking about solving problems not only in the conference, but for our country. I like what he has planned ahead.’”

USA Today: “Kevin McCarthy said if Republicans retake House, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar may get ‘better’ committee assignments”