The Time To Protect Dreamers Is Now

Trump has stood in the way of getting a deal done since the beginning of this budget debate, and he continues to reject bipartisan proposals on immigration.


CNN: “Trump's the decider when it comes to immigration. Will he step up?”


USA Today: “What is President Trump's policy on DREAMers? It keeps changing”


Instead of stepping up to protect American Dreamers, Trump continues to push his anti-immigrant agenda.


CNN: “Trump admin considers rule that could limit immigrants' ability to stay in US”


Vox: “Trump’s draft plan to punish legal immigrants for sending US-born kids to Head Start”


Paul Ryan didn’t even have the courage to agree to schedule a simple vote to protect Dreamers.


Washington Examiner: “House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Friday that House Speaker Paul Ryan isn't brave enough to call up a bill to help the Dreamers, but said Democrats would keep pushing him.”


It’s long past time for Trump and Republicans to stop playing games with Dreamers’ lives and start working with Democrats to protect them. We must pass legislation to protect Dreamers now.


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Jewish Exponent: “Jewish Dreamer Risks Deportation to a Country He Barely Knows” “These Jersey 'dreamers' fear Trump will deport them”


WFAA: “Immigrant 'Dreamer' fears son could be taken away if she's deported”


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