The Trump Budget is a Disaster for Women and Families

DNC Women’s Media Director Elizabeth Renda released the following statement on Trump’s attacks to women and families’ access to health care in his new budget, while demanding $8.6 billion to fund his ineffective border wall:


“Trump’s new budget is filled with landmines for women and families. His budget attacks health care for millions of Americans by slashing funding for everything from Medicare and Medicaid to the Department of Health and Human Services and the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program. It directly targets access to abortion and reproductive health care, and includes yet another attempt to defund Planned Parenthood. This is just the latest attack from the Trump-Pence administration on women and families’ ability to access the health care they need, and Democrats will never stop fighting tooth and nail to stop their dangerous policies.”


Here are just a few of the ways Trump’s budget would hurt women and families:


  • Attacking millions of Americans’ access to health care by proposing dangerous cuts to Medicare and Medicaid.


  • Barring Planned Parenthood and other health care providers from providing basic, everyday medical care to their patients through Title X and other federal programs.


  • Continuing the dangerous practice of prioritizing abstinence-only programs over evidence-based sex education and cutting funding for the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program.


  • Proposing rules that allow health care providers to refuse to provide care including for safe, legal abortion.

  • Gutting nutrition assistance, leaving children hungry and more likely to remain in poverty.