The Victims of Trump’s Assault on Immigrants

As Donald Trump continues his unprecedented attack on immigrants, more and more innocent lives are being severely impacted by the Trump administration’s xenophobic policies. Here are the stories of real men and women–service members, workers, fathers, mothers, citizens–who are the victims of Trump’s anti-immigrant policies:


Washington Post: He’s a U.S. soldier deployed on the southern border — and an unlawful immigrant

“His duties do not often intersect with Customs and Border Protection agents, he said, but he has avoided them out of fear they will learn that one of 5,400 troops in their orbit is in violation of immigration law. That has placed him in the unusual situation of serving a nation that has not recognized him as a citizen, despite promises from the Pentagon to quickly naturalize skilled immigrants in exchange for service, as they had done for thousands of troops since 2009.”

CNN: He’s a US citizen born in Philadelphia. He says ICE detained him anyway

“Peter Sean Brown was born in Philadelphia. He’d only spent a day in Jamaica once on a cruise. But even though he repeatedly told authorities in Monroe County, Florida, that he was a US citizen, according to a federal lawsuit filed Monday, they held him in custody and threatened that he was headed to a Jamaican prison, citing a request from Immigration and Customs and Enforcement.”


ABC 13: Hania Aguilar’s father denied temporary visa to enter US for funeral

“The father of Hania Aguilar has been denied a temporary visa, which would have let him enter the United States to attend his daughter’s funeral, despite hundreds of thousands of online requests. (…) The father’s attorney, Naimeh Salem, told WSOC that the visa was denied because ‘he doesn’t have enough ties to the country.’”


WXIA-TV: Mother of son with non-verbal autism deported back to West Africa

“Joseph Ishmael Lowry is only 11 years old. He is severely autistic and non-verbal. And now, he might not be able to get the treatment he needs because his mother, Djenebou Sissoko, has been deported to Mali, West Africa. Sissoko came to the U.S. 20 years ago on a visa, which expired. When she came to the U.S, she fell in love with a U.S. veteran. He died earlier this year.”