There is No Low Spineless Lindsey Graham Won’t Go

Just one year after Senator Lindsey Graham said “count me out” when it came to Donald Trump, he’s done a complete 180 to openly calling defeated former President Donald Trump the leader of the Republican Party and threatening to vote against Mitch McConnell’s leadership unless he also bends the knee. 

We would be remiss if we didn’t remind people just how far Lindsey Graham has debased himself to cozy up to Trump. 

  • January 2022 – Washington Post: Graham says he won’t support McConnell for GOP leader unless he has ‘working relationship’ with Trump
  • February 2021 – Washington Post: Lindsey Graham said ‘Count me out’ after the Capitol riot. But he’s all in with Trump again.
  • January 2021 – CNN: Trump supporters confront and scream at Sen. Lindsey Graham
  • 2017 – Politico: Lindsey Graham heaps praise on Trump: ‘I am all in’
  • 2016 – Politico: Trump: Lindsey Graham a ‘disgrace,’ ‘nut job,’ ‘one of the dumbest human beings’