There’s So Much Corruption On The RNC’s Former Finance Team

The RNC’s former finance team is engulfed in so much corruption and misconduct that it’s becoming hard to keep up. One former deputy finance chair pleaded guilty to crimes in which the president is implicated; another is under investigation for money laundering; and a third was accused of sexual assault. And it just keeps getting worse:

Today, federal authorities revealed that their investigation of RNC former deputy finance chair, Michael Cohen, began as early as 2017 and may still be far from over.

USA Today: “ In one document, laying out details of what prosecutors called ‘the illegal campaign contribution scheme,’ authorities blacked out 18 pages of detail, an indicator that the investigation remains incomplete.”

Yesterday, we found out that another former deputy finance chair, Elliot Broidy, had his apartment raided by the FBI as part of a money laundering probe into him.

ProPublica: “Federal authorities raided the office of Republican fundraiser Elliott Broidy last summer, seeking records related to his dealings with foreign officials and Trump administration associates, according to a sealed search warrant obtained by ProPublica.”

Last week, we learned that the RNC’s former finance chairman, Steve Wynn, met with the Trump administration about new tax incentives that would benefit him. This was after he resigned from the RNC over sexual assault allegations.

Wall Street Journal: “Former casino executive Steve Wynn generated $2.1 billion and a big potential tax bill last March when he was forced to sell his stake in Wynn Resorts Ltd. after sexual-misconduct allegations. Less than three months later, he held a meeting with Treasury Department officials as they were writing regulations for a new tax incentive that had the potential to help him defer and reduce those taxes.”

In case you’re wondering, the RNC still refuses to give back Wynn’s donations.

CNN: “The Republican National Committee is keeping donations from its former finance chair Steve Wynn until state regulators in two states complete their investigations into allegations of sexual misconduct made against him.”