These Republicans Want to Cut Social Security & Medicare

Despite Fox News’ best attempts to gaslight Americans, Republicans across the board are making noise about their plans to cut, jeopardize, or change Social Security and Medicare.

Republicans are in lockstep on this issue. Top House Republicans like Missouri GOP Congressman Jason Smith and Georgia GOP Congressman Buddy Carter — even second-highest ranking House Republican Steve Scalise — have gone on the record confirming once again that they plan on going after these hard-earned programs that the American people rely on, proudly proclaiming that “everything is on the table.”

Axios: “‘We’re going to have a lot of hearings on [Social Security and Medicare],’ Rep. Jason Smith (R-Mo.), the current top Republican on the Budget Committee who wants to move up to chairman of Ways and Means, told Axios.”

Axios: “‘Everything is on the table, we haven’t really nailed down any specific policies one way or the other,’ Rep. Buddy Carter (R-Ga.), who is running to chair the House Budget panel. ‘I think it could be wrapped up with that [debt ceiling talks], that’s shaping up to be pretty dynamic.’”

Bloomberg News: “Representative Steve Scalise, the number two House Republican, defended his party’s approach to Medicare and Social Security, which has become a campaign issue ahead of US midterm elections in November.”

Republicans in the Senate, like Florida GOP Senator Rick Scott, Wisconsin GOP Senator Ron Johnson, and South Carolina GOP Senator Lindsey Graham are trying to deflect, but the truth is clear: They have plans to put Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block if they gain power.

Wall Street Journal: “Sen. Rick Scott (R., Fla.), who leads Senate Republicans’ campaign operation, released a policy plan in February that included a proposal to sunset all federal legislation every five years, and require Congress to pass each law again.”

New York Times: “Mr. Johnson has proposed subjecting Social Security and Medicare to annual congressional spending bills… making it more difficult for retirees to count on a steady stream of benefits.”

Politico: “Lindsey’s pledge: If Republicans regain control of the Senate following the midterms, the current Senate Budget ranking member is laying the groundwork: ‘Entitlement reform is a must…’”

GOP Senate candidates have also called to privatize Social Security and Medicare, including New Hampshire GOP Senate candidate Don Bolduc and Arizona GOP Senate candidate Blake Masters.

PolitiFact: “In 2020, Bolduc advocated for cutting $1.2 trillion for Medicare and in 2022 he called for ‘getting government out’ of Medicare. In 2022, Bolduc advocated that future retirees transition from Social Security to private saving accounts.”

Bloomberg Government: “In a June primary debate, Arizona’s Republican Senate nominee, Blake Masters, floated the idea of privatizing Social Security. A few weeks later, he walked that back, saying the program’s long-term solvency needed to be studied.”

They say they don’t want to “get into the inner details,” but we KNOW they have them and are prepared to put them into action — their own Republican Study Committee put out a proposed plan on how they would gut Social Security and Medicare.

Axios: “The proposed budget of the Republican Study Committee, an influential group of House Republicans, includes proposals like raising the Medicare eligibility age to 67 to align with Social Security, and converting Medicare to a ‘premium support’ system where seniors received a subsidy they could use on private plans competing against traditional Medicare.”

We’re not fooled: This is the GOP’s true economic midterm agenda. They are going after Social Security and Medicare, and have a plan to do it.