Three Latest Ways Trump Prioritizes Wealthy Corporations

Three stories this past weekend revealed the latest ways that Trump prioritizes wealthy corporations over Americans. Trump lets corporations off the hook for violating federal law; he fills his administration with insiders who make favorable decisions for the corporations they represent; and he gave corporations enormous tax breaks that they’re returning to Republicans in the form of massive campaign donations. See for yourself:


  1. Trump “hits corporate violators with a feather.”


NBC News: “A business that violates federal law — by failing to pay overtime, fouling the air, or committing financial fraud — could have an easier time avoiding the harshest penalties under the Trump administration if it agrees to come forward and cooperate with authorities. … In return, the administration is offering to shield the offenders from costly litigation, federal prosecution and the steepest possible penalties.”


  1. Trump fills his administration with corporate insiders, who are making decisions that are favorable to wealthy corporations.


New York Times: “As a corporate lawyer, William L. Wehrum worked for the better part of a decade to weaken air pollution rules by fighting the Environmental Protection Agency in court on behalf of chemical manufacturers, refineries, oil drillers and coal-burning power plants. Now, Mr. Wehrum is about to deliver one of the biggest victories yet for his industry clients — this time from inside the Trump administration as the government’s top air pollution official.”


  1. Trump gave enormous tax breaks to wealthy corporations, and now they are returning funds to Republicans in the form of massive campaign donations.


New York Times: “Republicans are struggling to make the $1.5 trillion Trump tax cuts a winning issue with voters in the midterm congressional elections, but the cuts are helping the party in another crucial way: unlocking tens of millions of dollars in campaign donations from the wealthy conservatives and corporate interests that benefited handsomely from it.”