Three Years Ago, Trump Broke His Promises To Carrier Employees — He’s Failed Workers Ever Since

“Three years ago today, the Carrier plant in Indiana laid off hundreds of workers after Trump told them he had saved their jobs. This is a clear example of Trump’s broken promises to American workers,” said DNC War Room Director Adrienne Watson. “Despite claiming to be a jobs president, millions of jobs were lost under Trump’s watch and job growth slowed even before the pandemic hit. And now, because of his failed response to the coronavirus, the economy is in the worst recession since the Great Depression.”

Three years ago today, on what was the sixth month anniversary of Trump’s presidency, Carrier laid off more than 300 workers.

Indianapolis Star: “Carrier Corp. plans to eliminate 338 jobs at its Indianapolis furnace factory Thursday — and the timing is likely to raise some eyebrows.”

In total, more than 600 Carrier workers were laid off after Trump went there and told them he had saved their jobs.

TRUMP: “I will be going to Indiana on Thursday to make a major announcement concerning Carrier A.C. staying in Indianapolis. Great deal for workers!”

TRUMP: “Big day on Thursday for Indiana and the great workers of that wonderful state.We will keep our companies and jobs in the U.S. Thanks Carrier”

CNBC: “More than 600 employees at a Carrier plant in Indianapolis are bracing for layoffs beginning next month, despite being told by President Trump that nearly all the jobs at the plant had been saved.”

Despite Trump’s promises, millions of jobs were lost under his watch and job growth actually slowed even before the pandemic hit. “7.8 million jobs have been lost — including 7,100 coal mining jobs and 274,000 manufacturing jobs.” “Even in February, when employment was at its highest, Trump was far behind the pace needed to fulfill his campaign boast that he would be ‘the greatest jobs president that God ever created.’ Up until then, the average monthly gain under Trump had been 185,000, while the average monthly gain during the four years before he took office was 216,000.”

AP Fact Check: “Trump never managed to achieve the rates of economic growth he promised in the 2016 campaign. The U.S. economy was not the world’s best in history when this started.”

Trump’s failed response severely exacerbated the economic impact of the coronavirus — and he is still making things worse.

Wall Street Journal: “Jobs Recovery Shows Signs of Slowing as Coronavirus Surges”

MarketWatch: “The fresh surge in coronavirus cases sapped the confidence of Americans in early July, pointing to a potentially slower economic recovery from the pandemic or even a longer recession, according to a closely followed survey of consumer sentiment.”

Wall Street Journal: “The fierce resurgence of Covid-19 cases and related business shutdowns are dashing hopes of a quick recovery, prompting businesses from airlines to restaurant chains to again shift their strategies and staffing or ramp up previous plans to do so. They are turning furloughs into permanent layoffs, de-emphasizing their core businesses and downsizing production indefinitely.”