Tim Scott Must Answer Where He Stands on Extreme Abortion Bans

As the South Carolina Senate moves forward with a bill that would almost completely ban abortion in the state, Tim Scott is still silent on how far he would go to ban abortion.  Just yesterday, South Carolina Republicans voted in committee to remove any exceptions to their abortion ban for cases of rape and incest.

In response, DNC spokesperson Ammar Moussa released the following statement:

“With an extreme, near-total abortion ban moving towards becoming law in his home state right now, Tim Scott must stop hiding his position from voters and make clear where he stands on a national abortion ban and whether he supports the GOP’s plan to ban abortion with no exeptions for rape or incest.”

Despite touting his anti-abortion stance on Fox News and GOP legislators in his state actively pushing legislation that could almost completely ban abortion with no exceptions for rape and incest, Scott hasn’t made clear how far he’s willing to go to restrict reproductive rights.