Today In Trump’s America: Skyrocketing COVID Cases, More Chaos, Struggling Economy & Higher Costs

Americans awoke today to a bleak reality as a result of Trump’s failed leadership. The coronavirus continues to surge, Americans are paying more for health care, and the economy is struggling, and Trump is inciting more violence. Instead of doing anything about it, Trump is downplaying the pandemic, further dividing Americans, and denying responsibility for the chaos happening under his watch.

CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: New cases continue to rise at an alarming rate and the U.S. surpassed 6 million cases because of Trump’s failed response. 

New York Times: “Confirmed virus cases in the U.S. surpass 6 million.”

New York Times: “Twenty-two days. It took more than three months for the United States to reach one million coronavirus cases after reporting its first confirmed infection, but less than a third of that time to notch the latest million-case leap.”

HEALTH CARE IN CRISIS: Americans are still being hit with tens of thousands in hospital bills after Trump’s plan to cover coronavirus treatment for uninsured Americans has not lived up to its promise.

New York Times: “Trump Program to Cover Uninsured Covid-19 Patients Falls Short of Promise”

New York Times: “The program has drawn little attention since, but a review by The New York Times of payments made through it, as well as interviews with hospital executives, patients and health policy researchers who have examined the payments, suggest the quickly concocted plan has not lived up to its promise.”

ECONOMY IN CRISIS: Trump has tried to ignore the reality of a struggling economy as the country suffers even more permanent job losses because of his failure to get the virus under control.

Politico: “The economy Trump and others described at the GOP convention doesn’t match up with the reality on the ground for millions of Americans.”

Politico: “The rapid recovery that Trump and Pence spoke of at the convention does not square with the reality of new jobless claims that continue to flood in around 1 million per week, well above the previous record of close to 700,000 set in the 1980s.”

Wall Street Journal: “New Covid-19 Layoffs Make Job Reductions Permanent”

COUNTRY IN CRISIS: Trump continued to incite violence over the weekend as he tries to shirk responsibility for the chaos and division happening under his watch.

NBC News: “President Donald Trump on Sunday praised a pro-Trump caravan of activists whose presence appeared to contribute to violent clashes Saturday in Portland, Oregon.”

ABC News: “A nationwide review conducted by ABC News has identified at least 54 criminal cases where Trump was invoked in direct connection with violent acts, threats of violence or allegations of assault.”

Associated Press: “All of the convention’s apocalyptic rhetoric was in service of bashing Trump challenger Joe Biden, Democratic mayors and national Democrats both in and out of office as being soft on violence and anarchy. Yet the landscape of lawlessness they described is Trump’s America now.”