Tom Perez Announces DNC Veteran Karen Finney as Senior Advisor

Tom Perez announced today that Karen Finney will be working with the Democratic National Committee to consult as a senior advisor, where she will bring her extensive experience as an independent political consultant, communicator, and Democratic operative to help engage base voters in 2018 and look ahead as the DNC plans for 2020.


Karen is a DNC veteran with a winning track record and deep institutional knowledge of the Party. During her first four-year stretch at the DNC, Karen’s work as spokesperson and Communications Director was an integral part of Democrats’ 50 state strategy, which led to resounding successes in the 2006 midterm and 2008 presidential elections under Governor Howard Dean. Her experience extends far beyond the DNC, and includes working on five presidential campaigns including 2016 and several statewide races, her work as a media contributor, and consulting in the private sector.


“Karen is a seasoned political veteran who understands the need to organize everywhere, and she will be an important asset to our 2018 strategy and laying the foundation for Democrats to win in future elections,” said Tom Perez. “Karen is respected throughout our party, and my staff and I are excited to welcome Karen back to the team. She is exactly the kind of person our party needs right now: a tried-and-true winner who has an unwavering belief in the values Democrats are fighting for. As a strategist, Karen was instrumental to our successful cycles in 2006 and 2008. There’s no question that we’ll be leaning heavily on her wealth of experience and knowledge in order to make sure the Democratic Party is as prepared as possible heading into the midterms and 2020.”


“The growing energy and hunger for Democratic leadership in America is inspirational and undeniable.  As many know, my father was a civil rights attorney and my mom was a social worker, so Democratic values are in my bones.  It is an honor to be invited by Chair Perez to help ensure we build on that energy for 2018 and beyond,” said Karen Finney.  “I look forward to working with Tom and the team at the DNC to expand the progress they've made, and I'm excited to help the DNC this fall and build towards an even stronger Democratic Party in 2020 and beyond.”