Tom Perez Announces New DNC Deputy National Finance Chairs

Tom Perez announced today that Daniel Halpern, Ambassador Suzi LeVine and Eric LeVine, Amy Rao, and Diane Robertson have joined the Democratic National Committee as Deputy National Finance Chairs: 

“This team has a proven track record and decades of combined experience raising the resources to elect Democrats up and down the ballot,” said DNC Chair Tom Perez. “They played a key role in sending President Obama to the Oval Office, and they’ll help ensure that we continue to elect Democrats in 2017, 2018, and beyond. As we build on unprecedented grassroots enthusiasm and outpace previous off-year fundraising hauls, I’m excited to have this team leading the charge.” 

“The Democratic National Committee will work hand-in-hand with our growing finance operation to ensure a thriving donor base and a party that is accountable to the people it represents,” said DNC National Finance Chair Henry Muñoz III. “With our new team, I’m confident that the Democratic Party will build the infrastructure it needs to be competitive in every single ZIP code across the country.” 

Daniel Halpern has been Founding Principal of Jackmont Hospitality, Inc., since 1994 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer and President. Mr. Halpern serves as a board member and past Chair at Corporation for Travel Promotion. He is the immediate past Chair of the Atlanta Housing Authority.  He is past Chairman of the Georgia Restaurant Association.  He is past board member of the Jekyll Island State Park Authority. He is a past Board Member of the National Restaurant Association. He is a past Treasurer of the Multi-Cultural Foodservice and Hospitality Alliance. He served as a Board Member of the Tuskegee University School of Hospitality Management. He is also a member of the DNC, and was chair of Kasim Reed’s mayoral campaign and a trustee for President Obama’s 2008 Presidential Inaugural Committee. 

Eric LeVine has worked as a Group Program Manager and Product Unit Manager at Microsoft, as an Internet company founder/CEO, and, more recently, as a work-at-home dad. His career in technology took him from Lotus to Microsoft, where he ultimately led a team pioneering the use of crowd-sourced big data for software reliability. He served on the board of Jewish Family Service of Greater Seattle from 2003-14 and most recently was Board President from 2013-2014. In September 2016, he was appointed by President Obama to serve as a member of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council until 2019.  

Suzi LeVine served as the United States Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein from June 2014 until January 2017 during which time she expanded foreign direct investment into the US, helped prevent violent extremism, enabled American citizens in Switzerland to regain access to banking services, and advanced the global diversity dialogue. She worked at Microsoft as a Director of Communications and Strategic Partnerships and at Expedia as a Vice President for Sales and Marketing in Luxury Travel. She also co-chaired several initiatives for the Obama Presidential Campaign including: Northwest for Obama, Jews for Obama, Tech for Obama, and Women for Obama. 

Amy Rao is the CEO of Integrated Archive systems, a company she founded in 1994. She has a long history of involvement in both local and national Democratic politics and she actively advocates for stronger human rights and environmental policy. Amy currently serves on the international board of Human Rights Watch as well as on the V-Day board. Amy serves as President of the 11th Hour Project and also serves on the board of the Schmidt Family Foundation. 

Diane Robertson is the former Director of Development at the American Dance Festival in Durham, North Carolina. Diane is currently a member of the National Finance Committee and is one of the top raisers in the country.  In 2008, she was a local precinct captain and was a member of the National Finance Committee in 2011-2012. She serves on the boards of Planned Parenthood South Atlantic and Democracy North Carolina.