Tom Perez on GOP Lawmakers Avoiding The People They Represent

In response to the Senate’s healthcare repeal bill becoming the most unpopular bill in three decades and reporting that some Republican lawmakers have been avoiding the people they represent, DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement:

“Democrats believe that health care is a right, not a privilege, and we will continue to fight each day until that becomes a reality for every American. Rather than face the workers, women, children, older Americans and middle class families who they work for, Republican senators are hiding out. They know their repeal of healthcare reform is extremely unpopular and will hurt Americans everywhere.  Nevertheless, millions of Americans have already made their voices heard and will continue to speak out, fight back and hold their representatives accountable.”


“Most Republicans are avoiding situations where they'd stand in front of constituents and take questions.” – Washington Post


“Many of the demonstrators expressed dismay at Flake's absence from the office during the Independence Day workweek in which the Senate is not meeting in Washington, D.C.” – Arizona Republic


“U.S. senators usually take advantage of holiday breaks to return home and connect with constituents. But this July 4th, many Republican senators stayed out of the public eye.” – NPR


“Last month… just four of the Senate’s 52 Republicans announced appearances at Fourth of July parades.” – Washington Post


“It is a tough summer for Senate Republicans, who are trying to combine a long-promised repeal of the Affordable Care Act with a replacement that has, in legislation drafted so far, been as popular as sunburn. […] Republican senators have had to decide whether public appearances would be fruitful or the crowds hostile. Many lawmakers seem to have given up on town hall-style meetings and parades.”  The New York Times


“Whatever bill McConnell and 49 other members of the Senate Republican Conference deem acceptable to bring to the floor will not fundamentally differ from the staggeringly unpopular bill they fled Washington to escape before Independence Day and that made them avoid their constituents over the holiday break.” – Huffington Post