Tom Perez on Jeff Flake’s Retirement

In response to Senator Jeff Flake’s surprise announcement that he will not seek re-election,DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement: 

“Senator Flake voted with Donald Trump 91% of the time. His retirement is symbol of a Republican Party whose leaders allow Donald Trump’s divisive politics to flourish as long as it serves their political interests, and who fail to criticize this dangerous president until it’s too late. Unfortunately, Republicans in Congress remain in lockstep with the Trump agenda and silent in the face of the president’s disgraceful behavior.

“The last thing Arizonans need is another rubber-stamp Republican for Donald Trump’s reckless right-wing policies that hurt working families. Democrats will always fight for the families in Arizona and across the country who want leaders that will stand up to politicians who want to take away health care, raise taxes on the middle class, and restrict women from making their own health decisions.”