Tom Perez on Memorial Day

As Americans gather across the nation to commemorate Memorial Day, we remember all of the brave men and women in uniform who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Our nation is forever indebted to these fallen heroes, and their sacrifice is inscribed in our national memory.


But remembrance is not enough. We must honor the sacrifices of the fallen by working to ensure that every living veteran receives the best possible care from the country they served. Those who answer our nation’s call to service represent the absolute best of America. Each and every day, our servicemembers carry out their missions with the highest level of courage and commitment. They risk their lives to defend us. And when they come home, it is our duty to defend them.


We are grateful to the families of these fallen heroes and to all those who have served in our armed forces. Let us continue to be inspired by their courage and recommit ourselves to the values they died protecting: freedom, equality, justice, and opportunity for all.