Tom Perez on Net Neutrality Day of Action

In honor of the Net Neutrality Day of Action, DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement:

“President Obama enacted historic and tough net neutrality rules for good reason—we need strong guidelines designed to protect budding startups and businesses from large corporations that might want to stamp out their competition.  We need to fight to preserve the power a free and open Internet gives the marginalized and underrepresented to organize and have their voices heard. 

“Democrats believe that an open Internet is fundamental to free speech, innovation, and a competitive economy.  The Internet needs to remain a level playing field where the reach of one’s voice is determined by quality of ideas and not a handful of CEO’s.

“In the spirit of the Net Neutrality Day of Action, take time today to call your members of Congress and the FCC and urge them to maintain the open internet protections the Obama Administration established.  The free flow of information shouldn’t be impeded by greedy gatekeepers.  The Republicans who put the wallets of big telecom companies and their lobbyists over the best interests of their constituents need to be held accountable.”