Tom Perez on Phil Murphy’s New Jersey Democratic Primary Election Victory

Following Phil Murphy’s victory in tonight’s New Jersey Democratic primary election, DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement:


“Many congratulations to Phil Murphy on a hard-earned victory in the New Jersey Democratic primary election. He’s an outstanding nominee for the governorship who represents a better future for the people of New Jersey and a clear break from the disaster of Chris Christie and the daily chaos and carnage caused by Donald Trump and Republicans in Washington.


“The people of New Jersey now have a clear choice between a leader who fights for New Jersey working families on one side and Governor Christie’s chief lieutenant and hand-picked successor on the other. Governor Christie and Kim Guadagno have failed New Jerseyans time and time again by gutting access to health care and pushing a toxic budget that puts the priorities of special interests above New Jersey families while making the state’s government a poster child for ineptitude and corruption.


“The men and women of the Garden State deserve a leader who will prioritize working families over the destructive agenda put forth by Donald Trump and any Republican candidate willing to enforce his harmful policies from the governor’s mansion. That is why I'm proud to stand by Phil Murphy. He is ready to fight to make sure the people of New Jersey have affordable health care, access to a good education, and a good-paying job.”