Tom Perez on Republican Tax Plan Sabotaging Health Care

In response to recent developments in the Republican tax plan that would further sabotage the health care system, DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement:

“The American people sent a loud and clear message when they voted against Republican health care sabotage last Tuesday. But Republicans are once again choosing to ignore the will of voters by pushing a tax plan that could trigger $25 billion in Medicare cuts and include a repeal of the individual mandate, threatening to raise premiums and leave 13 million more people without health insurance. And all of this is on top of their plan that would already hurt many middle-class families by raising their taxes and making it harder for them to retire.

“Enough is enough. Democrats believe that we should reform our tax system to work better for middle-class families, not to serve Wall Street, wealthy corporations, and the top 1%. If Republicans truly want to help the people they represent, they’ll end this charade and join Democrats to build an economy that works for everyone. But as long as they continue to cater to special interests, they will once again hear from voters on Election Day.”