Tom Perez on Texas Redistricting Victory

Former Justice Department official and DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement after a federal court ruled that key congressional districts in Texas were drawn on racial lines, making them unconstitutional:
“The federal court further confirmed what we've known all along:  Texas intentionally discriminated to disenfranchise Latino and African American voters.  This is unacceptable and that is why I led the effort at the Justice Department to challenge these maps.  But our work here is far from over.  Republicans have made it clear that they will continue their dirty business of silencing the most vulnerable, and with Jeff Sessions as the Attorney General, Democrats will have to fight even harder to protect the American people.  That is why we need a robust program at the DNC that protects all voters and fights back against attempts to limit access to the ballot box.  We must be doing everything we can to encourage voters to raise their voices against injustice and for expanding opportunity – that is what the Democratic Party is all about.  I promise to be at the forefront of this fight.”