Tom Perez on Vote by Senator Flake to Repeal Health Care

In response to Senator Flake voting for the Republican health care repeal that would have stripped health care from thousands of Arizonians, DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement:

“Last night, when he thought no one was watching, Senator Flake broke his promise to improve health care for his constituents, voting for a bill that would take health care away from millions of Americans. A repeal of the Affordable Care Act would result in as many as 709,000 Arizonians losing their health care, and cause Arizona to lose 33,900 jobs. The bill voted on last night was a moral abomination and an affront to America’s core values. But while Senator Flake and Republicans remain committed to an agenda that prioritizes the wealthy, Democrats will continue to fight for working families in Arizona and across the country. Health care is a right. Senator Flake’s vote was wrong. And Arizonians will hold him accountable in November 2018.”




Repealing the ACA would cause 709,000 Arizonians to lose coverage. According to the Joint Economic Committee, if Senate Republicans voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without a replacement plan 709,000 Arizonians would lose their health care. [Joint Economic Committee. 7/26/17]


Repealing the ACA would cause 33,900 Arizonians to lose their jobs. State economies will shed jobs and take a hit to economic growth, 33,900 Arizonians could lose their jobs across the health care, construction, retail, and financial industries. [Joint Economic Committee. 7/26/17