Tom Perez Statement on Gorsuch Hearings

DNC Chair Tom Perez released the statement below on Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearings:
“Judge Gorsuch had the chance to demonstrate that he could be an independent check on President Trump and stand up to the special interests he has backed throughout his time on the bench.  Instead, he spent two days dodging and dancing around tough questions about his record of ruling against working Americans and students with disabilities, his defense of Bush-era policies like torture and warrantless wiretapping, and timely topics like the legality of religious tests and the definition of emoluments.
“It’s clear that Judge Gorsuch can’t separate himself from the conservative ideology and prejudice towards powerful interests that has defined his career up until now. As this administration continues its all-out assault on our Constitution, working families, and basic standards of ethics in government, it is all the more important that we fulfill the framers’ vision of an independent judicial branch and not allow President Trump to turn it into his rubber stamp.  Judge Gorsuch should not be confirmed to the Supreme Court.”