Tom Perez Statement on White House Rollback of Worker Classification Protections


Following the Trump administration’s reversal of Department of Labor worker guidance meant to fight worker misclassification to protect millions of independent contractors, DNC Chair Tom Perez issued the following statement:


“Democrats believe all workers deserve to have a voice on the job, good benefits, and safe working conditions. Trump’s cold and cruel decision to withdraw guidance to protect workers who are cheated out of their wages gives a green light to employers to cut corners and costs on the backs of hardworking Americans.


“When companies play games with workers’ rights, everyone loses – workers, taxpayers, and responsible businesses that play by the rules. That’s why, during my time as Secretary of Labor, we aggressively fought worker misclassification, recouping millions of dollars in hard-earned wages for American families.


“Instead of encouraging employers to cut wages and benefits for American workers, Trump’s administration should be working to decrease misclassification and protect critical workplace protections that every worker deserves.”