TOMORROW AT 8 PM: Democrats Live with Keith Ellison, Rep. John Lewis, and Heather Booth on Resistanc

Tomorrow at 8 PM, DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison will host Representative John Lewis and activist Heather Booth for a new episode of Democrats Live. They’ll be discussing Democrats’ efforts to organize the resistance to the Trump agenda, including the upcoming Resistance Summer, launching nationwide on June 3rd.


Resistance Summer seeks to bring Americans together to resist the powers that are trying to rig the system against working families. Our work is inspired and influenced by 60 years of civil rights organizing and resistance. It will help Democrats lay a new foundation for our ground game not only in 2018 and 2020, but right now.


The Democratic Party will hire organizers across the country to build the Democratic resistance. Those organizers will help recruit and train thousands of volunteers and help spark nationwide mobilization against the Trump agenda.


The mission of Resistance Summer is to educate, organize, and mobilize grassroots energy from Democrats in all 57 states, territories, and Democrats Abroad to help build our party’s base of political power and resist Trump’s attacks on hardworking families.


Democrats Live will be broadcast from Watch the live show, plus highlights and full episodes of past shows in one convenient place.  Folks from across the country are submitting tens of thousands of questions and hundreds of thousands are viewing the DNC’s live broadcasts.