Top 3 Ways Thomas Farr Has Opposed Voting Rights And Workers’ Rights

The Senate is expected to vote this week on Thomas Farr’s controversial nomination. Thomas Farr has a long history of working against voting rights and workers’ rights. That is why Senate Democrats are united in opposition to his nomination.

Thomas Farr has a long history of working to undermine voting rights:

  1. Farr helped write a restrictive North Carolina voter law and later defended it in federal court. The federal court ultimately struck down the law, noting its requirements “target African Americans with almost surgical precision.”

  1. Farr defended North Carolina’s racial gerrymandering in a case where “race was the predominant criterion in drawing all of the challenged districts.”

  1. Farr served as a lawyer for longtime segregationist Senator Jesse Helms’ re-election campaign, and defended him in a case alleging that he tried to intimidate black voters to keep them from voting.

Thomas Farr has spent his legal career working against workers’ rights:

  1. Farr supported a law that barred individuals from suing an employer in state court if they were fired because of race, gender, religion or age.

  1. Farr was an attorney for the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, a right-wing organization that strongly opposes workers’ rights to organize.

  1. In private practice, Farr repeatedly defended corporations that discriminated against employees and violated workplace safety.