Trump Abuses Role as Commander-in-Chief in Latest Lie

In response to Trump’s remarks that President Obama and previous commanders-in-chief did not call the families of fallen troops, DNC Deputy Press Secretary Brian Gabriel released the following statement:

“The commander-in-chief told a totally irresponsible and disgusting lie in the Rose Garden today, claiming past presidents did not call the families of fallen servicemembers.  Trump’s jaw-dropping, disrespectful lie is not based anywhere in reality and is another symptom of a deep-seated obsession with tearing down President Obama.

“Trump claims he takes his role as leader of the military seriously, but his latest attempt at stroking his own ego shows he has no problem using the troops as a political tool. He cannot muster any of the empathy shown by his predecessors, and his lie undermines the gravity of his office. Not only does this president lack a basic understanding of the political distance that exists between his office and the armed forces, he’s in dire need of common decency.”