Trump Admin Repeatedly and Unnecessarily Creates National Security Threats

Trump and his White House have repeatedly and unnecessarily created threats to our national security. It’s clear that Trump cannot be trusted to keep us safe. See for yourself:


Trump maintaining ownership of his private business has created a security risk at his Mar-a-Lago resort, where he frequently visits and holds state level meetings.


  • A Chinese woman was arrested after she carried a malware device into Mar-a-Lago, which exposed security gaps at Trump’s luxury resort.


  • Secret Service has had difficulty screening guests entering Mar-a-Lago, who simply just have to pay to get in, which can potentially mean easy access to the president.





The Trump administration gave ongoing access to our nation’s most secret information to people who were deemed by career intelligence officials unfit to receive it.


  • Senior White House officials overrode career security experts to grant security clearances to at least 25 people whose applications were denied for a number of reasons, including foreign influence, conflicts of interest, and criminal conduct.



Numerous Trump administration officials have used personal email for official business, and Trump’s son-in-law used personal email for government business in violation of the law and put our national security at risk.



  • Ivanka Trump reportedly violated the law by not preserving official White House business conducted on her personal email.


  • At least five other senior White House officials reportedly used personal email for official business.