Trump Administration Admits His Failed China Trade Deal Won’t Help Farmers

Trump promised his China trade deal would help farmers and falsely claimed that it already was. Now even his own administration admits that’s not true.

The Trump administration just admitted that farmers won’t get a boost from the China trade deal any time soon, despite Trump’s promises.

Politico: “The Agriculture Department’s latest projections for commodity prices show farmers won’t get a boost from the China deal that takes effect Friday. USDA’s first monthly report since Trump signed the deal in January shows mostly stagnant price expectations for most goods.”

Reuters: “Commodity traders and grain merchants have been waiting for signs of a pick-up in Chinese demand, particularly for soybean exports from the world’s number one buyer of the oilseed. But export sales from the United States have remained sluggish since the deal was signed.”

Farmers across the country continue to struggle because of Trump’s broken promises and his failed China trade policy.

“So, we’re dealing with a lot of things. I don’t know, we could be waiting another year for prices to recover. I hate to say that… On top of all of it, China not buying from us because of the tariffs is cause for what’s happened.” – Iowa farmer

“According to Von Ruden, the MFP payments weren’t enough to keep struggling farms afloat. ‘In some cases, it definitely was the loss of the farm because they weren’t able to recoup enough of the debt that they built up.’” – Wisconsin dairy farmer

“If you look at the true value of what farmers lost, it didn’t even make up that difference at all, so it was certainly something that allowed farmers to pay off some bills, but it didn’t clear their debts.” – Wisconsin Farmers Union president

“Their projections are kind of artificially saying there’s gonna be a slight increase in income, but that’s not a real income. The best we can hope for is being flat in income next year, which is basically functioning at a loss.” – North Dakota farmer

“Danielson said he believes Wisconsin farmers will ‘vote with their pocketbook’ in November. ‘If you haven’t done well in the past three or four years, that affects who you vote for in any election, and we haven’t done well in the past three or four years,’ he said.” – Wisconsin farmer