Trump Adviser Admits Republican Tax Bill will Hurt People

CEOs and Trump’s own adviser have contradicted key Republican tax promises, admitting that people will get hurt and corporate tax cuts won’t create jobs.

Trump’s adviser Larry Kudlow said the Republican tax plan is “not a true tax reform bill” and admitted that it will “hurt a lot of different people.”

Politico: “Trump adviser: 'This is not a true tax reform bill'

Politico: “One of President Donald Trump’s top outside economic advisers says the individual side of the GOP tax plan never should have happened and threatens to ‘hurt a lot of different people.’”

Major corporations say they won’t use massive corporate tax cuts in the Republican plan to create jobs, and instead would help their shareholders.

Bloomberg: “Major companies including Cisco Systems Inc., Pfizer Inc. and Coca-Cola Co. say they’ll turn over most gains from proposed corporate tax cuts to their shareholders, undercutting President Donald Trump’s promise that his plan will create jobs and boost wages for the middle class.”

La Colombe CEO Todd Carmichael: “And I can tell you what no other CEO wants to tell you: Casey is right when he says that a half-trillion dollars of corporate tax giveaways proposed by the GOP aren’t going to do a thing for the middle class, or create a single job.”