Trump and Republicans Are Sabotaging Our Healthcare System

“Trump and Republicans are sabotaging our healthcare system. While they may be celebrating passing the disastrous Trumpcare bill, the uncertainty created from their vote and actions could cause premiums to rise across the country – hurting the American people even more than they already have.” – DNC Deputy Communications Director Adrienne Watson

NBC NewsObamacare Uncertainty May Mean Higher Insurance Premiums, Experts Say

Key senators have already said they'll tear up the House bill and start all over again, and the debate has created one thing insurers hate above everything else: uncertainty.

And that means they'll either raise premiums a lot, or completely pull out of the so-called Obamacare markets, health insurance specialists say.

VOX: The Trump administration is making Obamacare more expensive

Some health insurance plans selling on the Obamacare marketplaces are planning steep 2018 rate increases, in part to account for the uncertainty over how the Trump administration will administer the law.

Business Insider: One state shows the chaos Trump is wreaking on the Obamacare exchanges

In addition to the uncertainty regarding CSR payments, which some experts said insurers are already baking into the rate projections, Trump's administration has also issued a number of rules that could cause instability in the individual market.