Trump And The NRA, One And The Same

What can we expect from Trump at CPAC today? One look at coverage over the past 24 hours and it’s clear: we can expect the same thing we heard from the NRA yesterday. Trump has chosen to stand in lockstep with the NRA rather than with the thousands of students across the country speaking out for common-sense gun reforms. See for yourself:



NPR: “Trump Appears To Read From The NRA's Script Hours After The Gun Lobby Chief's Speech”


CNBC: “Trump's loyalty to the NRA diminishes hopes for stronger gun control”


TIME: “The NRA's Wayne LaPierre and Trump Are Using the Same Playbook to Respond to Parkland”


Politico: “Trump borrows NRA talking points on school safety”


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The Hill: “Trump says he and NRA are on same page


Politico: “Trump praises NRA leaders as 'great American patriots'”


Daily Beast: “Trump Aides Confess: He Only Hears the NRA


Bloomberg: “Trump Praises NRA Day After Meeting Parkland Shooting Survivors”


CNN: “Trump defends NRA amid gun law debate”


Washington Post: “‘ATTACKS WOULD END!’: Trump doubles down on arming some teachers, defends NRA


NBC News: “Trump defends arming teachers, applauds NRA


The Hill: “Trump praises NRA leaders: 'They love our country'”


Daily Beast: “Trump Calls NRA ‘Great People’ and ‘American Patriots’


Bloomberg: “Trump Suggests Bonuses for Gun-Trained Teachers, Praises the NRA


Axios: “Trump defends the ‘Great American Patriots’ at the NRA


Washington Examiner: “Trump defends NRA: 'They love our country and will do the right thing'”


             CNN: “Trump defends the NRA as a group of 'patriots' who want to 'do the