Trump-Backed Michigan Politician’s Unhinged Racist Tweet About… A Men’s Basketball Team?

In response to Donald Trump-backed Michigan State Rep. Matt Maddock spewing racist rhetoric about the Gonzaga men’s basketball team, DNC Spokesperson Aida Ross released the following statement: 

“Matt Maddock decided to spew disgusting, racist conspiracy theories about a college basketball team rather than take two seconds to realize what was going on — unsurprising from a Republican who Donald Trump has given a ‘complete and total endorsement’ to and said he’s with ‘all the way.’ Both Maddock and his wife already have plenty of experience parroting Trump’s dangerous rhetoric: they both went all in on Trump’s Big Lie that the 2020 election was stolen and Maddock’s wife was even part of the fake elector scheme in Michigan to overturn the will of the voters. Republicans shouldn’t expect anything less than another total loss at the ballot box next November.”

Maddock welcomed the Gonzaga men’s basketball team by spewing Trump’s dangerous anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Trump proudly endorsed Maddock while he was running to be Michigan House Leader, saying he was “with [him] all the way” because he supports the Big Lie. 

Detroit News: “Former President Donald Trump threw his support Thursday behind Michigan Rep. Matt Maddock, one of his most committed followers in the Legislature, as Maddock campaigns to be the next state House GOP leader. Maddock, a second-term Republican lawmaker from Milford who has advanced Trump’s unproven claims that the 2020 election was stolen, posted Thursday a photo of a printed Detroit News story about his run to be the caucus’s leader next term. The document appeared to be signed and edited by Trump. ‘I am with you all the way,’ the message above Trump’s apparent signature said. ‘Also, you have a great wife.’

If Michigan drains the Lansing swamp, it will take a leader like Matt Maddock to do it,’ Trump’s statement said. ‘Matt is running for re-election. He has my complete and total endorsement. We need leadership in Michigan who will investigate and document the 2020 voter fraud, the crime of the century.”

For Maddock and his wife Meshawn, parroting Trump’s baseless lies about the 2020 election is a family affair. Meshawn took part in the 2020 fake elector scheme in Michigan at the Trump campaign’s command.

CNN: In a December 2020 radio interview reviewed by CNN’s KFile, Meshawn Maddock, one of the 16 fake electors in Michigan charged by the state attorney general for the alleged scheme, detailed the Trump campaign-directed plan and said the crucial decision on which electors to use would ultimately rest with a constitutional attorney and Vice President Mike Pence and Congress… Maddock, the wife of a conservative member of the state legislature, would go on to serve as co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party after the 2020 election and preside over historic losses for Michigan Republicans in the 2022 midterms.” 

 “Despite Trump losing the state by more than 150,000 votes, Maddock and 15 others signed phony certificates claiming to be the legitimate electors from the state just days before the interview and attempted to enter their state capitol to deliver the votes.”

Michigan Advance: “Outside of the building, a small group of Trump supporters rallied, with some Republicans staging an attempt to submit to police at the Capitol a fake slate of GOP electors, which is not legal. Among them were state Reps. Daire Rendon (R-Lake City) and Matt Maddock (R-Milford). Both signed on to the longshot Texas lawsuit that sought to toss election results in Michigan and three other states. Seventeen other Michigan lawmakers supported the case. The U.S. Supreme Court rejected it on Friday.”

Michigan Advance: “Michigan Republican Party Co-Chair Meshawn Maddock said former President Donald Trump’s campaign directed the operation to have 16 fake Electoral College delegates submit a certificate declaring Trump the winner of the state’s electoral votes in December 2020. ‘We fought to seat the electors. The Trump campaign asked us to do that,’ Maddock is heard saying at a public event last week organized by the right-wing group, Stand Up Michigan, per audio obtained by CNN. ‘I’m under a lot of scrutiny for that today.’”