Trump Broke His Promise To Raise Wages As Many Americans Struggle To Get By

Trump has broken his promises to working families. The Trump administration may try to claim credit for a growing economy, but the reality is that working families have been left behind. In fact, real wages for workers have actually declined over the past year and many Americans struggled to get by on their most basic needs last year.


President Trump broke his promise to raise wages for America’s “forgotten man and woman.” Real wages are actually lower than they were a year ago.


Bloomberg: “President Donald Trump heads into a midterm referendum on his presidency showing no real progress on a core promise: to raise the wages of America’s ‘forgotten man and woman.’ Once the impact of inflation is included, ordinary Americans’ hourly earnings are lower than they were a year ago.”


Despite Trump’s boasts about the stock market and corporate profits, about 40 percent of American families struggled to get by last year on their most basic needs.


Associated Press: “Despite a strong economy, about 40 percent of American families struggled to meet at least one of their basic needs last year, including paying for food, health care, housing or utilities.”


The Trump administration continues to lie about the Trump tax law. It won’t create the economic growth they promised and won’t pay for itself.


Business Insider: “Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Tuesday fell back on a dubious claim about the federal deficit to defend the GOP tax law, insisting the budget-busting measure will ‘pay for itself.’”


Business Insider: “But the independent analyses have found that the tax law would help push up economic growth in the short-term but then fade away or even become a drag on growth. As the growth boost fades, so too would the revenue increase from a stronger economy.”