Trump Broke His Promises To 1,300 More Autoworkers

Trump promised voters in Warren, Michigan that they wouldn’t lose their manufacturing plants if he was elected and that General Motors would create new jobs in the United States because of him. Today, General Motors confirmed it plans to lay off over 1,000 workers at their Warren, Michigan facility.


THEN: Trump promised voters in Warren, Michigan they “won’t lose one plant” if he was elected, and said that GM would expand jobs in the U.S. because of him.


Trump in Warren, Michigan: “If I’m elected, you won’t lose one plant, you’ll have plants coming into this country, you’re going to have jobs again, you won’t lose one plant, I promise you that.”


Trump: “Just today—breaking news—General Motors announced that they’re adding or keeping 900 jobs right here in Michigan, and that’s going to be over the next 12 months. And that’s just the beginning, folks. […] We’re going to have a lot more. They’re going to be building new plants, expanding their plants.”


Trump: “You see what’s going on with the car companies. You ought to call Ford. Call Mr. Fields, the head of Ford. Call Mary Barra, head of General Motors. You could call Fiat. You know, you could call Fiat. You could call — we had that meeting. They’re all talking about building in the United States because of me.”


NOW: General Motors is cutting over 4,000 jobs, including nearly 1,300  jobs at their Warren, Michigan plant alone — the most of any facility.


Detroit News: “General Motors Co.’s salaried job cuts will include the elimination of 1,298 jobs at the Warren Technical Center, according to a filing with the state of Michigan. With those jobs eliminated, the Tech Center will see the most cuts of any GM facility as the company continues a weeks-long process of cutting more than 4,000 salaried jobs.”