Trump Broke His Promises To Bring Jobs Back To Ohio

Ahead of his campaign rally in Ohio today, here’s a look at Trump’s broken promises to protect Ohio manufacturing plants and workers’ jobs:


PROMISE MADE: Trump promised Ohioans that companies would not move away when he was president.


Trump: “And I saw the stupidity on trade where companies are leaving. One of them was Carrier, left Indiana. Fourteen hundred people fired, moving to Indiana, going to make their plant. They’re going to build it. They’re going to take their conditioners, make them—sell them right back into Indiana and other places.  No tax, no nothing. With me, they’re going to be taxed 35%, and, you know what? They’re never going to move. They’re never moving, folks. They’re never moving, okay? They’re never moving. Did you ever see—because I love this stuff?”


Trump: “The problem is the politicians are working for those donors. They’re not working for the American people. They’re not working for all the people who got fired. So, what’s going to happen is they won’t leave.”


PROMISE BROKEN: Companies have continued to lay off workers and shutter plants – including in Lordstown, Ohio.


CBS News: “General Motors is closing plants in Canada, Ohio, Maryland and Michigan and cutting its workforce by 15 percent as part of a company-wide restructuring announced by the company on Monday.  GM plans to halt production at three assembly plants: Lordstown Assembly in Warren, Ohio, Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly and Oshawa Assembly in Otanario, Canada. It also plans to close propulsion plants in White Marsh, Maryland, and Warren, Michigan, in 2019, the company said in a news release.”


PROMISE MADE: Trump promised to bring manufacturing plants and jobs back to Ohio.


Trump: “I said, those jobs have left Ohio. They’re all coming back. They’re all coming back. Don’t move, don’t sell your house.”


Trump: “We are going to fight for every last American job. It’s time to remove the rust from the rust belt—to usher in a new industrial revolution. We are going to do it.”


Trump: “Jobs will return, don’t you like the sound of that? Incomes will rise and new factories will come rushing onto our shores.”


PROMISE BROKEN: Automakers aren’t pouring back into the country.


Associated Press: “Automakers have been steadily hiring since 2010 when Barack Obama was president. But the pace of job gains has slowed considerably since Trump took office, according to the Labor Department.”


PROMISE BROKEN: Trump’s tax law actually incentivized companies to move jobs overseas.

Washington Post: “But the fine print of the new global minimum tax would make the problem worse, several tax specialists said… First, a corporation would pay that global minimum tax only on profit above a ‘routine’ rate of return on the tangible assets — such as factories — it has overseas. So the more equipment a corporation has in other countries, the more tax-free income it can earn. The legislation thus offers corporations ‘a perverse incentive’ to shift assembly lines abroad, said Steve Rosenthal of the Tax Policy Center.”