Trump Campaign Legal ‘Strategy’ Suffers Embarrassing Rebukes

In state after state, the Trump campaign’s legal “strategy” continues to fall flat and is suffering embarrassing rebukes in court because of one simple reality: they have no case, no evidence and no rationale to try to overturn the will of 77 million voters and counting. That hasn’t stopped them from continuing to lodge ridiculous claims, but nothing they do will change the outcome of the election.

The Trump campaign continues to suffer embarrassing rebukes from judges over its baseless claims of voter fraud because it has no evidence.

Washington Post: “Trump lawyers suffer embarrassing rebukes from judges over voter fraud claims”

Washington Post: “The common thread running through all of these is that Trump’s lawyers are regularly offering a significantly more watered-down version of Trump’s claims about rampant voter fraud — because they, unlike Trump, have to substantiate their claims.”

The Trump campaign apparatus hasn’t stopped its baseless claims and has now outrageously tried to argue increases in turnout in areas with many Black voters are a sign of fraud.

CNN: “It has also joined Trump in using laughably weak supposed evidence to make the case. Specifically, it is baselessly arguing that increases in voter turnout are a sign that something nefarious happened. … This is, frankly, ridiculous. There is no evidence of widespread fraud anywhere in the country, including in the counties Harrington highlighted.”

In Michigan, affidavits from poll watchers the Trump campaign used to allege election misconduct showed no evidence of voter fraud.

Detroit Free Press: “Trump lawsuit affidavits allege Michigan election misconduct, don’t show widespread fraud”

Washington Post: “In poll watcher affidavits, Trump campaign offers no evidence of fraud in Detroit ballot-counting”

In Wisconsin, Republicans have still not been able to provide any evidence of voter fraud to support their baseless claims.

Wisconsin Journal Sentinel: “As in other states, Wisconsin Republicans are alleging voter fraud but so far are not providing evidence of widespread problems that would take away President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.”

In Pennsylvania, the Republican Philadelphia City Commissioner, whose office runs the vote count, confirmed that not a single dead person voted, contrary to misinformation spreading online.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins: “Republican Philadelphia City Commissioner says they looked into a list claiming dead people voted. ‘Between everything else that we’re doing, we looked it up — each one of them to see what their vote history was. Not a single one voted in Philadelphia after they died.’”

In Georgia, Republicans, including the Secretary of State, said that the statewide recount will confirm that Biden is the President-elect.

CNN’s Manu Raju: “Brad Raffensperger, GOP Secretary of State, says on CNN he expects hand recount will confirm GA count that now has Biden ahead by more than 14K. ‘We believe the statewide recount will confirm that.’ He adds there hasn’t been widespread fraud – ‘nothing in the nature of 10,000’”

New Yorker’s Charles Bethea: “NEW: Georgia State Senator Chuck Hufstetler becomes first Republican in GA legislature to publicly acknowledge President Elect Biden. ‘It’s my opinion that Joe Biden has won the election and will be declared the winner,’ he tells me. ‘I don’t see anything that will change that.’”

In Nevada, a court dismissed another legal fight and Trump attempted to disenfranchise military service members with baseless claims of voter fraud. “GOP List of Alleged Voter Fraud in Nevada Contains Hundreds of Military Addresses”

In Arizona, the largest law firm representing the Trump campaign in post-election litigation abandoned them and withdrew from a lawsuit.

Reuters: “The largest law firm representing the Trump campaign or its allies in post-election litigation challenging votes in key states has withdrawn from an election lawsuit in Maricopa County, Arizona.”