Trump Campaign’s Failed Legal ‘Strategy’ Faces One Setback After Another

The Trump campaign’s legal “strategy” is failing and continues to face one setback after another in court. The latest example came yesterday when the Trump campaign had to retreat from a major claim in its Pennsylvania lawsuit because it had no evidence to back up Trump’s baseless allegations of voter fraud.

Trump’s legal “strategy” is failing, and instead of revealing fraud it has actually affirmed the integrity of the election that Trump lost.

Washington Post: “It’s not going well. Rather than revealing widespread — or even isolated — fraud, the effort by Trump’s legal team has so far done the opposite: It’s affirmed the integrity of the election that Trump lost. Nearly every GOP challenge has been tossed out. Not a single vote has been overturned.”

Last week, things went from bad to worse for Trump as he suffered one setback after another as President-elect Biden’s lead was solidified.

Washington Post: “It goes from bad to worse for the Trump legal team”

Washington Post: “Trump’s attempts to challenge the election results suffer more setbacks in court”

CNBC: “Trump strikes out in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania ballot challenges, Biden’s lead more secure”

Now, the Trump campaign had to scrap a major part of its Pennsylvania lawsuit, removing allegations that they weren’t able to observe votes being counted.

Washington Post: “President Trump’s campaign on Sunday scrapped a major part of its federal lawsuit challenging the election results in Pennsylvania. Trump’s attorneys filed a revised version of the lawsuit, removing allegations that election officials violated the Trump campaign’s constitutional rights by limiting the ability of their observers to watch votes being counted.”

Associated Press: “A key theme of Trump and his supporters has been their claim that Philadelphia — a Democratic bastion where Trump lost badly — had not allowed Trump’s campaign representatives to watch mail-in and absentee ballots processed and tabulated. However, Republican lawyers have acknowledged in a separate federal court proceeding that they had certified observers watching mail-in ballots being processed in Philadelphia.”