Trump Can’t Justify His Shutdown — Visiting The Border Won’t Help

Tomorrow, Trump plans to visit the border in McAllen, Texas. This is nothing more than another political stunt to try to justify his government shutdown. The reality is that Trump’s wall is ineffective, expensive, and unpopular.


Americans overwhelmingly oppose Trump’s wall.


CNN: “Americans have been consistently opposed to a border wall. Before the shutdown, they opposed it by about a 10-to-20 point margin. There’s no sign that’s changed in the latest polling.”


The mayor of McAllen, Texas opposes Trump’s wall.


McAllen, Texas mayor: “A wall is really not the effective way to protect our border.”


Every congressperson along the southern border opposes Trump’s wall.


CBS News: “Every congressperson along southern border opposes border wall funding”


Both of Trump’s homeland security secretaries have dismissed the efficacy of his wall.

John Kelly: “‘A physical barrier in and of itself will not do the job. It has to be a layered defense,’ Kelly said, stressing the need to build partnerships with Latin American countries to combat drug and human trafficking.”


Kirstjen Nielsen: “President Trump’s pick to lead the Department of Homeland Security said Wednesday that she does not support building a wall along the entire length of the U.S. southern border.”


Even Trump admits his trip to the border wouldn’t change anything.


New York Times: “‘It’s not going to change a damn thing, but I’m still doing it,’ Mr. Trump said of the border visit, according to one of the people, who was in the room. The trip was merely a photo opportunity, he said.”