Trump Celebrates As More Than 180,000 Americans Have Died

Last night, Trump celebrated as more than 180,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus, including thousands since the RNC began, concluding a convention that ignored the pandemic and tried to rewrite history on Trump’s failed response.

Trump celebrated with a crowded party, against CDC guidelines, and fireworks as the death toll passed 180,000.

Washington Post: “President Trump celebrated his renomination Thursday with a crowded party at the White House that offered a jarring contrast with a nation that is still widely shut down over fears of the coronavirus pandemic whose spread remains uncontrolled.”

Since the Republican convention opened, more than 3,600 Americans have died from coronavirus — far more than died on 9/11 or in Afghanistan.

CNN: “Trump delivered his speech amid a daily toll of suffering and death that would have been unimaginable at the start of his term. Since the convention opened on Monday morning, more than 3,600 Americans have perished from Covid-19 — far more than died on 9/11 or from combat operations in Afghanistan.”

The Republican convention largely ignored the coronavirus pandemic and the few speakers that did mention it downplayed its devastation.

Associated Press: “What virus? At GOP’s convention, pandemic is largely ignored”

New York Times: “With a few exceptions, nearly every speaker who mentioned the virus sidestepped the scale of its devastation and what is likely to be a slow and painful recovery.”

Trump asked viewers to ignore reality and tried to rewrite history on his failed coronavirus response that made this crisis worse than it had to be.

CNN: “Yet in his speech, Trump essentially asked viewers to believe what he was offering instead of their own lived reality. He proclaimed his efforts to combat the virus were centered on ‘the science, the facts and the data,’ despite numerous examples to the contrary — including the very mask-free crowd he had assembled for his speech.”