Trump Claims He Wanted Calm But That Wasn’t True During Ebola Threat

Trump admitted to misleading the American people about the threat of coronavirus, claiming he did not want to create panic. But in 2014, during the Ebola outbreak, Trump was a constant voice of pandemic panic.

Trump said he did not want to cause panic among Americans.

TRUMP: “I don’t want to scare people. I want people not to panic, and that’s exactly what I did.”

QUESTION: “Did you mislead the public?” TRUMP: “If you said ‘in order to reduce panic’, perhaps that’s so. The fact is I’m a cheerleader for this country, I love our country, and I don’t want people to be frightened, I don’t want to create panic, as you say, and certainly I’m not going to drive this country or the world into a frenzy.”

But during the 2014 Ebola outbreak, Trump was a constant voice of panic.

TRUMP: “Ebola is much easier to transmit than the CDC and government representatives are admitting. Spreading all over Africa-and fast. Stop flights”

TRUMP: “The Ebola patient who came into our country knew exactly what he was doing. Came into contact with over 100 people. Here we go-I told you so!”

TRUMP: “There is a good possibility that a person who treated patients in West Africa and who FLEW into New York has Ebola. Touched many, bedlam!”

TRUMP: “All the governors are already backing off of the Ebola quarantines. Bad decision that will lead to more mayhem.”

TRUMP: “A single Ebola carrier infects 2 others at a minimum. STOP THE FLIGHTS! NO VISAS FROM EBOLA STRICKEN COUNTRIES!”

TRUMP: “The United States must immediately institute strong travel restrictions or Ebola will be all over the United States-a plague like no other!”

TRUMP: “Now we have Ebola in U.S., AND IT WILL ONLY GET WORSE!