Trump Conflicts Reach Alarming New Levels

With Trump’s scandals reaching alarming new levels, here are few developments that you may have missed, which raise further ethics concerns and significant questions over conflicts of interest created by Trump’s refusal to divest from his businesses:


Trump’s business wrote a letter to the president of Panama to “URGENTLY request” his “influence” to interfere in Panama’s judicial process, and warned of consequence if he didn’t.


Associated Press: “The letter asks Varela to intervene, complaining that Panama’s courts denied the organization due process in violation of a bilateral treaty and warning there could be consequences for the country. It ‘URGENTLY requests his influence in relation to a commercial dispute involving Trump Hotel aired before Panama’s judiciary.’”


Trump settled a suit for $25 million after he swindled thousands of Americans out of millions of dollars through Trump University.


USA Today: “A federal judge finalized the $25 million settlement between President Trump and students of his now shuttered Trump University on Monday, with New York's attorney general claiming ‘victims of Donald Trump’s fraudulent university will finally receive the relief they deserve.’”


Trump’s sons’ recent business trip to Dubai cost taxpayers at least $73,000.


CBS: “President Trump's sons' visit to Dubai this week has costed taxpayers a minimum of $73,000 in security costs, according to government purchase orders viewed by CBS News. The purchase orders describe the costs for United States Secret Service agents to stay at hotels close to the Trump property and car service for the trip listed as being from March 26 through April 8.”